Astore experience begins in Padua in 1929 when Pietro Bertacco establishes one of the first companies in Veneto in leather industry. In spite of the difficulties of the period Pietro commits himself with resolution and self-denial in the realizazion of his ideas in the artisan production of leather goods: he suggests a new style always trendy and fashionable.  A very important aknowledgement of his competence arrives in 1975 with the awarding of the title of Cavaliere.

His son Mario continues the father’s path with the same spirit and enthusiasm. He moves the headquarters in the province of Venice, where they are even now.  Mario gives new vivacity and more attention to the products’ details. He furthermore analyzes new materials drawing inspiration from women, their taste, femininity and the way they actually are. The fantasy, good taste and continue renewal are the key-words of Astore style nowadays.

Mario’s sons, Roberto and Pierpaolo, thank to the competencies of qualified craftsmen, make high quality collections using various materials such as fabrics and leather. Astore exports his bags and accessories in a lot of countries all over the world.